When given the task of finding an article to inspire our first assignment image I honestly thought it was going to be a 10 minute job……

As it happens, I have spent the last week looking for an article that really stands out to me, both visually and in terms of interest. I think the main criteria for me, was an essential idea that underpinned the article. Something with the potential to be represented in a clean and simple, yet powerful and meaningful image.

Finally today I stumbled upon an article on the BBC website that immediately spoke to me. It is about a woman who wishes to be turned into compost when she dies, rather than buried or cremated. This is actually something that I have talked about with a few people, not because I am planning my death or anything, but because I see the need for a greener, more sustainable way of burying our dead.

It seems a morbid topic, but the solution in the article is actually a far less morbid prospect. Using our remains to sustain and grow another life (plant life that is) means that not only are we taking steps to look after our environment, death comes to serve a purpose and people somewhat ‘live on’ through nature (cheesy, yes, but true!)

Visually I believe this topic also presents some interesting opportunities to play around with dark and light (death and life?) and to experiment with nature. One image that pops into my head immediately is a visual representation of energy/life being passed on from human to environment- perhaps merging images of the human body’s veins with veins in a plant. This is just one idea however and can be built on or changed as I delve deeper into the topic.

Article source:

Name of article: ‘I will be turned into compost when I die’

Author: Rose Eveleth


3 thoughts on “Article

  1. savannahcook says:

    I think that this is a very interesting and original article to create a visual image for. There are many ways in which you can visually create the issues that arise in this article. Different compositions of colours, light and dark are good concepts to consider.


  2. chloeblommerde says:

    You have some great ideas flowing Phoebe, i think you can definitely play with the whole nature side of things, as this could bring your idea to life – visually!
    Just a thought, but maybe you can bring a little bit of this ‘morbid’ emotion into it, so you are still incorporating this into your image and adapting it into the article. 🙂


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