Communication Objectives

An essential element of this article is the idea of a gentle, natural, clean-green death rather than the somewhat violent cremation or chemical loaded burial processes. With this in mind, I have picked out a few quotes that I would particularly like to communicate through my image:

“A gentle way of calmly and non-violently returning back to the earth……sort of like a spa experience for the dead”

This quote basically sums up the  gentle, relaxing feeling I want my image to communicate about death and composting. I think color will play a huge part in the overall relaxed feeling of the image, and a light, fresh palate would work well. Lots of whites, greens, light blue; keeping it rather simple and earthy to communicate the environmental aspect. Also I think keeping the image itself basic rather than too busy will help reflect the simplicity and gentility of composting after death.

“When you die you can grow new life”

Another essential idea in the article is that death can be meaningful and  bring new life. Rather than leaving a concrete headstone behind, you can give back to the earth. I want to communicate this ‘life-cycle’ of sorts, and images of nature (trees) seems like a good way to do this. Somehow I will communicate a reciprocal relationship between nature and humans in which both give and take from each other. Perhaps connecting/merging the nature and human images is an idea, but I will think on this one!

“In this way, the dead are folded back into the fabric of the city” (talking about compost being used in city parks as well as family’s gardens)

I think a concern that people might have with composting their body rather than cremation or burial, is the lack of a traditional memorial-  a headstone or plaque. How will they be remembered when they are gone, if composting leaves behind no physical monument? I want my image to communicate the way composting allows people to continue to contribute and be remembered after their death.

So these are my communication objectives at this stage. I have mentioned some visual ideas as to HOW I will communicate this (such as the colors and images I could use), but  am still thinking about some aspects and am open to any ideas any kind person might offer up!


4 thoughts on “Communication Objectives

  1. zoë says:

    Love how you’ve picked out particular quotes to convey your message, I haven’t seen that in anyone else’s Communication Objective posts so it’s refreshing and a great idea (wish I had thought of it myself!) Are those quotes from your chosen article or from other sources? I like how you’ve thought about the meaning behind the quotes and made your explanations relatable to the real world around us and our own feelings as humans (especially liked your explanations for your last quote.) Were you thinking of using a tree as your main element in your image (if that makes sense) or a person? Perhaps both? Maybe take the idea of a headstone or plaque and replace it with a tree or plant – I’ve heard of people planting little trees above graves or places where people have been buried to act as a replacement to a gravestone. Great ideas and I’m looking forward to seeing your final image (:


    • PhoebeChenery says:

      Thank you! Yep those are quotes I have picked out from my article =D Yeah, I am thinking of using a tree or plant as my main element, but incorporating human elements somehow as well. I have always liked the idea of having a tree planted rather than a concrete gravestone, so I think I will take your advice and try to work that in somehow. Thanks heaps for your ideas, please check out my concept thumbnails because I would love your feedback on those!


  2. sarahdowns says:

    Really interesting article and your communication objectives set out the message you want to convey very clearly. I like the way you have taken direct quotes out of the article to really pinpoint your communication message. It sounds like you are developing clear ideas for the imagery you could use – i.e combining human with nature aspects. I think imagery of tree roots going into a body could look effective. Im excited to see your final image!!

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