“Hey Sarah, cool idea. I really like the idea of making the image look as if it is from the page of a glossy magazine to highlight the perfection that genetic modification tries to achieve. I also think you could put more emphasis on how you portray the negative dangers. Although I don’t know much about genetic modification, one idea that comes to mind is that of ‘injecting’ chemicals into food. This could be an interesting idea to play on, if you could incorporate a syringe oozing chemicals, or something =) Just a though, but I like your idea!!”


“I really like thumbnails 1 and 3! The first one could be a little simplistic as it is however. As mentioned you could construct a scene that is being spied on rather than just the hula girl. Something like the hula girl on a rock in the sea, or the hula girl on a beach or something, just to show of your Photoshop skills more. Concept three I think is really strong as well, and it was your original idea in your communication objectives. Again, I think you need to have the Hula Girl in some type of setting. However it could also be quite cool to have her under a sort of spotlight in a dark background, to show that she is being watched like a performance. Remember the brief says no words =) good luck, I think you have a really interesting idea here!”


“Cool ideas Chloe, they are all very different from each other but incorporating the same ideas which I think is creative! I think concept one is perhaps a bit vague, the idea of texting and driving isn’t so obvious. However you could merge concepts one and four, and have one or two cars as cellphones, and a few as crosses. You could also keep the hazards from concept one if you wanted to keep this idea. I also like concept five because it incorporates your idea of appealing to youth. I think the use of the i-phone would also have this appeal, as it is quite a popular and trendy technology. Good luck, look forward to seeing what you come up with!”


Wow this is really cool! Sounds like a very complex idea and you look like you have put a lot of work into taking those photographs and cutting them out in Photoshop. Your idea of the hands being communist China trying to keep hold of Tibetan culture is very creative, and your image seems to have lots of meaningful elements =D The bowl of water could be a little bit confusing at the moment, as it does look a bit like a crystal or something, but I think once to blend the image and tidy it up a bit the water/lake part may become more clear. If not, you could possibly think about adding a blue tinge or something to the water to make it more ‘lake like’. Since it is already surrounded by the green leaves, this could make it look more like a little pond. Otherwise, you seem like you have a really good grip on your topic and how you want to convey it’s meaning.


Looks like your image is coming along nicely, I would love to see the finished product as your article sounds really interesting! I love your colour scheme for the background and am wondering if somehow dulling the bright blue of the seesaw might help it to look more in the space, or as you said, a rusty colour could be cool. Just make sure it still stands out. Also I think once you add your shadows in, the image will look a lot more real =) Another suggestion would be to add some rocks around the base of the seesaw perhaps, just to make it look as if it is dug into the ground. I am also completely new to Photoshop so I feel ya!!!! You seem to be doing well!


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