Research: Effective visual communication examples

For my last research post I thought I would have a look for some examples of good visual communication based on what I have learnt from my previous posts…


This is an advertisement for Heinz tomato sauce. Firstly I was drawn to this image as an example of photo manipulation, as the sauce bottle is manipulated to look like a fresh tomato. This gives the impression that the tomato sauce is as fresh as a tomato straight of the tree. In terms of composition, this fits with the single visual layout, which seems to work quite well for things like magazine pages. In this case draws the eye to the centre where the main image is, then allows the gaze to flow down to the words and further down to the other available products. The red colour is exciting and energizing, especially against the natural beige background. These colours are colours common in nature, and therefore viewers get the impression that Heinz Sauce might be “wholesome” (though it’s probably not). The advertisement uses colour, photo manipulation and composition to persuade viewers into buying the product.


This second image really intrigues me as it looks like a mixture of photos and possibly digitally drawn images. I really like the minimal use of colour here as it makes the colour that is there stand out in contrast. The green and blue work together really nicely as they are close together on the colour wheel. The use of the timer is really clever, as the water from the melting ice caps floods into the cities below. Although the artist probably didn’t mean our cities are literally going to be flooded, the image is effective in evoking the idea that there needs to be a balance between the environments for our lifestyle to survive. They composition of the image is nice, as the eye is naturally drawn to the centre where the lines of the timer intersect. It then draws the eye up to where the water is flowing from, then down to the city below. This aligns with the writing on the upper and lower halves, so the composition also guides the reading of the message. The whole image, although not photo real, is visually balanced and pleasing to the eye. It almost looks photo real! This image sends a very strong message through its use of symbolism (the timer), colour and composition.

Here are a few other images that I consider good visual communication:


I like the way the line of the arm guides the eye in this image, firstly to the most important feature, the crash, and then down to the words. Also the use of complementary colours, blue and yellow/orange.


I like the simplicity of this design. Firstly the fish having the only colour is quite powerful in the idea of saving its life. The rule of thirds is clearly applied here, with both the bowl and the fish occupying thirds of the image.


Looking over hundreds of visual communication pictures on Google is probably the best research of all. It is powerful to see what you are drawn to and why, and what images invite deeper thinking into their meaning.


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