This week my class received our second assignment for the semester- to create an infographic with the purpose of explaining how something works.

I mentioned in my first post in my previous assignment, I really believe that it is essential to have a genuine interest in the topics you chose to do assignments on (if you’re lucky enough to have the choice). Having an interest in the topic, I find, helps sustain me throughout the work of the assignment. I think, especially with this infrographic, a previous interest and knowledge of the topic will help in thinking of visual icons I could use.

So with this in mind, I have spent the week thinking about how I could create an infrographic about something I am really interested in.

Idea #1= “Introverts: how do they work?”

I am a proud introvert, but unfortunately people have many misconceptions about what it means to be an introvert. They confuse introversion and shyness/social anxiety and often favor extroverted qualities in society without appreciating the qualities introverts bring to the world. They think of introversion and extroversion as polar opposites, when in reality, they exist on a spectrum with many people showing qualities of both personality types. This is a topic I am quite passionate about and have already researched in my own time. Visually, I think it could be difficult to think of icons. However I think it could be done and have looked at some infrographics on the topic already for ideas.

Idea #2= “How to the 5 Chinese elemental signs work?”

This is not a topic I have researched in depth yet, but I know a little bit about through personal interest. The five signs are fire, water, earth, wood and metal. Each have personality traits, senses, seasons, body parts, directions etc.. associated with them and these are used in Feng Shui and Chinese health. This is just an extremely basic understanding!! I was drawn to the visual potential of this idea. There are some quite intricate relationships between the elements that are best portrayed visually, and I can also visualize some good use of colour for each element and use of icons for the traits of the elements. My only concern is that this topic can be very complicated and I would need to break it down to a more basic level. An adaption of this idea could be to look at Eastern vs Western medicine and how they work differently. Icons such as the Yin Yang and the Caduceus coming straight to mind.

Idea #3 = “How does hypnotherapy work?”

This idea appeals to me because my mum is a hypnotherapist and many people don’t know what it is or how it works. It’s a super interesting topic that is reasonable easy to break down. Visually there are a couple of analogies involving icebergs that could make a good base for the infographic.

Idea #4 = “Feminism: how does it work?”

Again, this is a topic very personal to me. So many people have misconceptions about what feminist is about and I feel it could be explained quite nicely with an infographic. Statistics come across well visually in infrographics, and I know some great statistics surrounding the topic of feminism. A variation on this could be “Sexism: how does it work?”. Again, some people do not realise how prevalent sexism is in our everyday society (against men and women). Visually I think there are some good opportunities but, as with idea 1, it would take some careful thought to simplify the idea and think of effective icons. But I think it could be done and there are some example on the internet already.

These are my ideas at this stage, but I am totally open to new ones and variations. I’m still thinking as well!


One thought on “WIP #1: INITIAL IDEAS

  1. Molly Dagger says:

    Hey Phoebe! I think you’re so right about needing to have an interest in the topic- it really helps! Your ideas are all so great, and I love how they’re all a bit different. You could get some really great imagery from them. I would just be careful with a few topics and make sure that they are understandable. For example, seeing as Feminism isn’t a physical thing you can touch or feel, you would have to make sure that your imagery communicates the idea of it effectively 🙂


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