Research post #1 – What are infographics?

As I ponder infographic topics I thought it seemed appropriate at this point to research what makes a good infographic. I hope this will help me decide for myself, what topic would be most effective.

In a nutshell, infographics are graphic representations of information- easy! The aim is to convey complex information in an imaginative and easy to digest way that helps people quickly understand a subject without sifting through bland writing and statistics. They integrate graphic design elements, images and content to create a standalone source of information.

I found this cool infographic conveying the 10 rules of creating good infographics:


Goals, audience, story, relevance, research, persuasive headers, design, social sharing, citations and conclusions are the 10 important elements they claim. However, they also give a simple equation on the website for a good infographic…..

Information + Story + Design = Infographics.

So with this in mind, I still must decide on an assignment topic! I am concerned my ideas so far may be a little too complex to break down into an A4 infographic. However, I also realise the whole point is to simplify complex information for easy and interesting understanding. So I think the important thing in choosing a topic is to think about how I can use visual representations and icons to simplify my ideas and make them interesting to learn about.


Adams, D. (2011, March 25). What are infographics and why are they important? Retrieved from:

Plus information presented in week 1 workshop.


One thought on “Research post #1 – What are infographics?

  1. somenamenotused says:

    I find it very interesting that you took the time to define infographics, I am sure this is the perfect starting point.
    Regarding your statement about simplifying complex information: I generally agree, infographics should present bite-sized facts on a particular topic which are easy to swallow and don’t really take up much time. Be careful not to oversimplify your topic though!


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