WIP #2- Research, layout ideas and communication objectives

This week, after much thought, I settled on using the topic of hypnosis for my infographic. I chose this because the topic is one I know well, and also because I think the topic can be broken down and explained in quite a visual way. My main objective is to  teach someone who has no knowledge of hypnosis, about what hypnosis is, what it is NOT (as there is a lot of stigma around it), and how it can be used.

This week I have also done a lot of research into how hypnosis works. In a nutshell I have learnt:

– Hypnosis is a completely natural state that everybody experiences throughout the day.

– The brain wave patterns involved in hypnosis

– Who can be hypnotized and how they can be put into hypnosis.

– What the signs of being in hypnosis are

– The common myths and stigmas people associate with hypnosis

– Many uses of hypnosis (hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis, hypnoanesthesia and forensics in particular)

These topics/ideas are what I would like to communicate in my infographic.

However I also did more in depth research into hypnotherapy. I am wondering whether I should include the multiple uses, or just focus on how hypnosis is used in hypnotherapy instead, as this is very interesting and could be explained quite visually.

Upon doing this research, I have also started to sketch some ideas for layouts and possible icons on an A4 piece of paper. Basically I am just trying to organize my ideas. Here is my concept so far…11257649_1065212683506866_2084907341_nAs you can see, I have included the multiple uses of hypnosis in this concept. If I were do just focus on hypnosis use in hypnotherapy, then the whole right section would be used for this topic.

The spiral and heading in the middle would also be larger, but my drawing skills are not fabulous. I then tried to organize my ideas in a more creative way. Using the same information I arranged then inside circle shapes, giving the look of a spiral (I haven’t filled in with the little drawings and information in this sketch, but you get the idea)……11276210_1065221740172627_947022440_n

Rather than lines, I would probably use circles of different colour shades to achieve this look.

I am constantly thinking of icons and pictures I could used to represent these ideas without too many words. Although it’s a little difficult, I am getting there!

I would really appreciate some feedback on these ideas pronto, so that I can start on my image…..


5 thoughts on “WIP #2- Research, layout ideas and communication objectives

  1. shirreechenery says:

    I like the idea of putting your information in the circular shape as shown in your 2nd sketch. An idea for an icon for the uses of hypnosis – hypnotherapy section could be a silhouette of a head profile with cogs or a maze where the brain would be. I have seen similar images for depicting the mind elsewhere, and I think that it works well for hypnotherapy. Hypnoanaesthesia – perhaps you could do red spiral cut into a cross shape (like a red cross).


  2. jasmincullen says:

    Hi, I love your idea and I am looking forward to seeing the final piece. I like the idea that the info-graphic will go in a circle, because it’s very relevant to the subject. Or another idea could be a swinging pendulum- each one layer sightly on top of the other to show “movement” and in each pendulum you could have a process- just an idea! For colour- you could use simple white and black for distraction or a blurred multicolour for a “dream-like effect”. 😀


  3. emilyisfly says:

    Really cool idea Phoebe! I think using the spiral effect is a really great way to quickly illustrate hypnosis and a ‘trance-like’ state. I also like the use of symbols and pictures in the first concept. Now I think that you need to really focus on a particular aspect of hypnotherapy, as you mentioned hypnosis being one of them. Doing this would mean you can fine-tune your information. It’s important to not clutter with words 🙂 however you have a lot to work with and I’m excited to see what you do! Best of luck


  4. coxgeorgie says:

    Hey! These are great drawings and I think is a great part of the design process in order to help you know exactly how you want to convey your ideas. I think this is a really interesting topic and agree that you should have a genuine interest in what you are designing. I also agree with the other comments above- the idea of a circle or spiral is great and works so well with your idea. Something to think about though is actually transforming ideas and parts of the process into visuals and icons. Therefore you wont have to rely on text and it will be obvious to the viewer what you are wanting to say in each particular part. 🙂


  5. chloeblommerde says:

    Wow, amazing that you know so much about hypnosis. One thought i had when looking at your concept one, was the fact that it was quite busy – maybe have a thinks about simplifying the image, so when the viewer first looks a it they are not overwhelmed, but then again – try not leave out any important information!
    Love the spiral effect, and think you can certainly play around with the colours – you could really make this an aspect of your image – use every colour imaginable, so its as if someone is being hypnotized while viewing the image.


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