Research post #3- Colour in Infographics

I have already done a research post on colour for my other assignment, so this time I want to look at how colour can be used specifically in infographics.

Infographics use colour schemes religiously. Colour is used to create uniformity and cohesion withing the graphic and to bring out certain pieces of information.

One of the most common mistake in Infographics is using too many colours, says Chow (2015). Instead, he suggests use of different shades, hues and tints  in Infographic colour schemes

This useful infographic  explains some ways of using colour relationships to create effective colour schemes for icons:


Colour scheme generators are really handy tools for picking colours for an Infographic. I quite like Coolers!.You can easy lock in one colour and find matching shades or complementary colours, or you can keep pressing the space bar to randomize colours until something takes your fancy.

In my infographic I intend to use colour to separate  my 6 sections from each other and from the grey background. I will use 5 different colour schemes comprised on varying shades of a colour in order to keep the sections cohesive but separate. I also want to give a slightly psychedelic effect to illustrate the idea of hypnosis, by using numerous colour in a fun but controlled and sparing way.

These are a couple of infographics I have looked at for inspiration:

dott_infographic infographic



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