WIP #5 – Progress Update

I am now quite close to finishing my infographic. I have all the information I want on it and have played around with the colours and typography.

I have used five different colour schemes to separate the five sections around my infographic. I have tried to keep each colour scheme minimal, using different shades and tints of colours. I have also kept the boxes that contain writing the same colour across the whole infographic, so keep it cohesive. I have tried to use the colour sparingly but effectively.

I have also played with a few different fonts and settled on one that is easy to read. For my titles, I used the bold condensed form of the font. Sub-headings are written in capitals and general writing is just the normal font. This same formula is used for every section.

My main heading is the same font again, in bold capitals. However I have replaced the “O” in “Hypnosis” with a spiral font that illustrates the topic a little bit.

I have also started creating my mini image, but am not sure about how it looks at this stage. I have used the same spiral from the middle of my main image, but added a gradient behind it, made up of the same colours used in the main infographic. I have also used the same fonts for the heading, with an italicized “how it works” written beneath.

I feel like it is almost finished but would greatly appreciate any feedback on things I could improve or change!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.05.08 PM


4 thoughts on “WIP #5 – Progress Update

  1. eljeygrassick says:

    THIS LOOKS AMAZING PHOEBE! I think your idea is very interesting and I really like how you’ve separated the different sections with different bold colours, very captivating! I think you have really understood the whole idea of having a main ‘focus image’ really well. I think the only thing is for your smaller image the spiral image might be a bit too big in comparison to the text however if you were to change it I wouldn’t make it so that it’s smaller than the text. Hope I’ve made sense! Good luck with the end result, looks great!


  2. laaurenna says:

    Firstly I love your idea! And I had a look at your previous posts and your other potential ideas were also really interesting! My first thought when I saw this image was that it was an example for how you would like yours to be, not your actual one, so I think it looks amazing! I love that you have gone with a topic that is much more interesting and isn’t something that is constantly being done (from looking online). Your image overall is very captivating, with the focus image, the link between that and the main title as well as all its surroundings. I like that you have incorporated quite a lot of text but have done it in a way where it is definitely effective and have also used multiple other elements so it all works together and nothing is overpowering. Your idea is very clear. I can’t think of anything that would improve the main image, it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into it! My only suggestion would be that I’m unsure if the smaller image looks like it definitely reflects the main one, so you could play around with the spiral and its colouring or the text possibly.


  3. vitarichmondmorrison says:

    Phoebe! Wow setting the bar high this looks awesome! It caught my eye as it looks so professional as well! The colour scheme is effective and works well with grey on the background. I like what you have done with the ‘O’ in the text it works well on both pieces, it adds character and flavour, that mysteriousness of hypnosis 🙂 The smaller image is intriguing with the rainbow swirl but I think your title needs to be bigger and more eye catching otherwise you are just distracted by the swirl. Perhaps you could test writing your title in with the circle? somehow incorporating them together? Also another potential though could be creating another outer circle for your larger picture or stretching out the pale grey area so you don’t get that change of grey to white behind the text (mainly visible on the left side). It’s not a huge effect but could just make it balanced better with everything in front of grey. The icons are so cool in your arranged colour scheme too! Very impressed, good job!


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