Hey! I am absolutely in love with your Harry Potter idea and wish I had though of this one myself hahaha I like your idea of the three step process to killing Voldemort, but I do feel like the horcruxes would take more explaining than the other two steps so you might have to work around that in terms of your layout. I can imagine little icon Harry and icon horcruxes quite easily! Voldemort may be a bit tricky to convey effectively, it could either look great or look like a potato, but my illustrator skill is not good so you may have a better idea of how to get him looking great than I would. I think you also could be quite creative with your layout. One idea could be to use gravestones (like the Goblet of Fire graveyard) to house your different steps, but you could come up with some other book/movie related setting that could be interesting. All of your other ideas are great as well- my second choice would be the film noir one because you seem like you are really interested in that as well. Good luck!

What a cool idea for an infographic! My favorite concept is the third one with the instructions inside the stack of pancakes. I think it is really clever putting the ingredients inside the hat at the top, almost like a traditional recipe layout but more interesting! However I wonder if you really need the arrows pointing to each next step? I understand their use in your other concepts, to guide the viewer around the steps, however I think the fact that concept 3 uses the stack of pancakes ranked from top to bottom speaks for itself and is easy enough to follow without arrows. If you wanted to, you could number the steps instead in a more discrete way? I think the arrows clutter the image a little. All of your concepts look great though, the essential elements are all there and I can image a nice warm, foody colour scheme going along with it well =D

Looking really cool so far! One thing I would suggest is separating your background from the foreground somehow. At the moment the detailed background, while very clever, detracts from the information and icons in the foreground. Perhaps you could take the opacity of the background down, or dim the colours a little without losing the geometric details? I think that would help with the busyness of the infographic and make sure the eye knows where to focus. I really like your images, they must have taken a lot of patience and attention to detail to get all those little pieces fitting together perfectly! Very clever =D

Hey, cool idea for a topic because this is definitely something I could use an infographic to understand! The design I like best is your last one with the lotto ticket in the middle and the facts surrounding it coming off corresponding numbers. I like this concept because you have a clear title which integrates nicely into the image (being on the lotto ticket). Perhaps to make the numbers a bigger part of the design, the circled numbers with facts attached could be slightly larger or bolder than the other… just so it is clear that they are part of the fact not just random numbers. You could add a subtitle to your main title if you wanted to as well- “Lotto: things you didn’t know” or something like that just to make it clear at first glance exactly what information your graphic will give. I really like how you have a main image to focus on in this concept, it is not too busy and will work nicely with your facts I think =)

Hey Chloe! I agree that your second concept is cool. I think the images on the first one may be too similar to each other, but the images in your second design are much more distinguishable and interesting =) One thing I would suggest is to make sure your 3rd and 4th images are different from each other, but i recognize that this is hard to do with sketches. Once the colour is there I image they will be different from each other. i like your ideas to use pastel colours to portray the femininity of make up, you could use your typography to do a similar thing. Using a nice swirly font for the title (and maybe subtitles for your sections) could have a very feminine effect as well. However I would stick to an easy-to-read font for your main pieces of text. Another idea, though you seem sorted, could be to use a fully made up face from your first design in the middle, and use arrows coming out from each part of the make up explaining what it does/how to use it. I like the idea of still incorporating a made up face somewhere in your image (maybe even on your smaller image, I dunno?), but otherwise I really like your second concept =) Good luck!


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