Reasearch post #5- The Importance of Research!

For my last research post I have decided to cover the topic of research itself, because research has been a huge part of my design process.

This web designer, Mike Locke, explains why he has made research a part of his design process. He says it is crucial in helping solve problems and producing the best possible designs and ideas!

When creating an infographic, the intention (as the name suggests) is to inform. In order to do this it is vital that you know what you are talking about! Research plays a huge role in informing you, the creator, so that you can go on to inform others about your chosen topic. Facts must be correct and no information should be misleading.

My topic, hypnosis, is one I already knew fairly well because my mum is a hypnotherapist. She was my first point of research. I asked her questions and she provided me with professional information that I knew I could trust, as she is qualified in this area. I supplemented this research with interesting facts, pictures and diagrams I found online, that helped me break down explanations into simple and concise words and images.

After collected three pages of research about various elements of hypnosis, I then had to choose the most important pieces of information based on what I had learned. I believe this research gave me good foundation knowledge of my topic and allowed me to choose the best information to put into my graphic. Here is a link to the research I did on hypnosis:

What is hypnosis

The second element of my research was learning about visual techniques like colour, typography and infographics themselves. This was just as important as m topic research because I am still very new to design and visual communication. This research meant I felt like knew the techniques I was using and why, rather than just going by ‘what looks good’. I could then deliberately manipulate these techniques to better my infographic.



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