The topic of my infographic was “How hypnosis works”.

My aim was to give a beginners lesson on hypnosis- an overview of what hypnosis is (and what it isn’t), how it works and what it is used for. I wanted to produce a graphic that used words and images to simplify the topic. It had to be fun and quirky, reflecting the sense of wonder hypnosis evokes in people. However it also had to look clean and easy to navigate.

I brought a sense of fun and quirkiness to my infographic through colour. I used 5 colour schemes- one for each section of my infographic. The aim was to create a psychedelic feel, representing the creative workings of the mind and consciousness. Each colour scheme consisted of 3-4 shades of one colour. This gave a sense of cohesion and avoided too much colour. I kept text boxes the same colour throughout the infographic to tie the different sections together. Using colour sparingly, only on the icons and text, I avoided messiness while still being fun. The colours also organize the infographic, helping the eye focus on one section at a time against the light grey background.

Because my infographic is reasonably busy, I wanted the title to be bold and easy to read. For this reason, I used a simple bold font. I used a different font for the O, creating a fun and creative flare that wasn’t too detailed. It provided spiral feature in the centre, but also resembles an eye. It reminded me of the common image of an eye with a spiral in the middle to depict hypnosis. I adjusted the tracking and size of letters to make the word easy to read.

I used the plain version of the same font for the rest of my writing, as I wanted everything to look uniform. I developed a sense of hierarchy, by bolding titles, capitalizing my subtitles and keeping explanations lower-case.

Composition was something I initially struggled with. I was trying to fit everything in a circle and I had no main focus image. After talking to my tutor, I made my brain and spiral the centre focus image, with my information ordered in a grid-based layout around it. The spiral initially draws the eye to the centre of the image. It can then look up to the title and make it’s way around each section in turn.

Each section layout is different, however all of them are based around a grid pattern so they look uniform. They line up evenly and have even space surrounding them to give a polished look.

The circles in the background give the graphic movement against the grid layout, pulsing outwards from the spiral and brain. However they are not so bold they interfere with main information.

Lastly, my icons are all vector graphics. Some, like the brain, fingerprint and head, are based off photographs and others are images I envisioned myself. I used different shapes as well as the pen tool to create basic but recognizable icons to illustrate hypnosis. I used the pathfinder tool to further manipulate shapes together. The colour shades give depth and definition to my icons. With the brain, I used the paintbrush tool to give a quirky and ‘drawn’ look. The icons I created are simple and illustrate the titles to break up the words, drawing the viewer in to read more.

My smaller image uses the spiral from the main infogrpahic with a gradient of the colours from the main graphic behind it. The spiral is the icon people most recognize from hypnosis so it invites the viewer to learn more. The colours on the grey background, and the use of the same title fonts tie it in with the main graphic.

Overall, I am proud of the infographic I have produced, having never used illustrator before! I think it looks fun and quirky but is easy to follow and presents the most important beginner information about hypnosis.


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